Nature, Quote of the Day

Hear the silent teachings of the wind

Version 2

Open beyond your knowing to the awareness that all things are one and interconnected. Slow down. Listen to the stars and soil; hear the silent teachings of the wind and the wisdom of fire. The microcosm of each of your cells is a direct link to the macrocosm of the entire Universe. Get still and let the Universe blossom within you.  – HeatherAsh Amara from Warrior Goddess Training



1 thought on “Hear the silent teachings of the wind”

  1. I love this affirmation! I definitely forget to stop and be still sometimes, and the words somewhat remind me of Pocahontas! hehe
    I love your blog, and what you stand for, and have nominated you for the Liebster award! You can find more information on my blog here –
    Much love! xx

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