Quote of the Day

September 11, 2012

When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.
Catherine Ponder

Quote of the Day

September 8, 2012

No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure. – Emma Goldman

Death, Nature, Quote of the Day

September 6, 2012

 “Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms you would never see the true beauty of their carvings.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 

Quote of the Day

September 4, 2012

Today’s affirmation:

I am ready to see my own life in new and exciting ways.