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Allow me to bestow this revelation upon you…

#metoo will transform our world. Keep watching, listening, sharing and supporting. Nurture this baby with all your might.

When the underdog becomes the conductor.

Our terrible habit of sweeping inappropriateness by powerful men under the rug is being called out. I have my fingers and toes crossed that when the dust settles, we’ll find ourselves surrounded by brilliant men and women who respect one another regardless of their rank or connections.

Here are some brilliant recommendations…

Who Should Replace All the Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct? These Women

@NellSco posted a powerful, thought-provoking tweet

and the brilliant @JessicaValenti highlighted the positive impact that #metoo continues to contribute to our future:

Let’s be thankful for all the women speaking out about abuse

And for some musical inspiration, Ann Powers of NPR created this list:

Songs that Say ‘Me Too’